Man Who Found Zero, The

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man_who_found_zero_websiteFollowing in the literary footsteps of The Space Annihilator: Early Science Fiction from The Argosy, 1896-1910, Gene Christie has unearthed another collection of the imaginative, science-fictional stories your great-grandparents enjoyed long before the term "science fiction" was coined.

Decades before the advent of Weird Tales in 1923 and Amazing Stories in 1926, weird fantasy and science fiction was appearing regularly in the pages of popular American publications, included as a part of the routine mix of mysteries, adventures, romances, humor, Westerns and other types of stories.

These 24 uncut gems of the fantastic have been rescued from the chaff of their long-forgotten companion stories in crumbling old magazines, and are now available for the first time in three generations!

Included in The Man Who Found Zero: Early Science Fiction and Weird Fantasy from The Black Cat, 1896-1915, are:

"Editor Gene Christie has selected a great assortment of short stories for The Man Who Found Zero. . . . the imaginative nature of this material is as vibrant as ever. It may be "your great-grandparent's science fiction," but it is as good or better as anything you will find on the shelf today."—Blogcritics


"A richly awarding anthology that is guaranteed to give you thrills and also introduce you to something you may have never thought of before, that the answer to the future may be in the past.

"What is fascinating . . . is the way so many of [these] stories seemed to foreshadow or hint at what was coming in the next few generations of writers."

"Black Dog is one of the best reprint and anthology houses around. Each paperback and hardcover they publish is a work unto itself. "—Scoop


Book Details

Title: Man Who Found Zero, The
Author: Gene Christie (ed.)
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-884449-18-5
Price: Trade paperback / 168 pp. / $16.95 US
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