The Return!


After what seems a very long time away from publishing, Black Dog Books is back on the march,


. . . although I do anticipate the pace moving forward will be a bit slower than it used to be.


Neither 2016 or 2017, proved to be very productive, with 2016 seeing the release of three new titles, and 2017 a total of four.

New releases in 2017 were:

Those from 2016 included:

As well, there were two new issues of Windy City Pulp Stories, no.16 and no.17.

These titles were not added to the BDB website for any direct sale option; each were only available through Amazon for purchase. Those are in the process of being added to the BDB website.

Truthfully, long days and late nights are just not feasible for me. Diminished levels of energy and my aging eyesight will no longer tolerate relentless proofreading or ceaseless hours at a computer. During my sabbatical, my attentions have been focused on obvious personal matters, such as health recovery and family concerns. The body, when overworked and overstressed, just wears out. Often it takes a triggering event to make one accept the reality of that, even though warning signs, in hindsight, were there.

Additionally, with a change in web support, I lost access for an extended period to the BDB website, as well as all orders, payments received and communications. I am technologically limited in that capacity, and it is only through the generousity of someone that the issues have been partially rectified to the point to restore my access to my own website again.

My sincerest appreciation to all of our old friends and those who have written with inquires. I apologize for all lack of replies, which just were not possible for me.

Tom Roberts

Publisher / Editor-in-chief